ShareFair provides interview sessions with experts for professionals conducting market research or exploring opportunities for new businesses.

Experts who share their knowledge are called “advisors”. When a client makes a request, ShareFair finds relevant advisors who are familiar with the research topic using a proprietary technology. Based on this advisor candidate list, the client will choose advisor(s) to have a conference call.

We have two differentiating features – referral system and review.

(1) Referral system is used for the advisors to suggest other advisors who may be able to help answer specific business questions for the clients.

ShareFair will first contact existing advisors identified as the relevant experts. Advisors can either respond to a request for interview and / or refer their friends with the expertise specified. A referral system maximizes clients’ success to find the precise experts, and raises advisors’ profile in the network.

(2) Review - we ask clients and advisors give feedback to ShareFair after the session. This is our mechanism to make the session effective and fruitful for each other.

Lastly but most importantly, we are committed to put compliance, data security and privacy of both our clients and advisors as our very first priority, due to the nature of the information we handle.

Service Flow
ShareFair Service Flow
Use Cases

We serve for private equity, hedge funds, and professional firms who need to read ahead a myriad of future possibilities of their markets; and companies exploring new business opportunities in fast evolving industries.

The client’s research topic may vary such as: the characteristics of specific markets / products / services; industry structure and competitive environment; purchasing criteria of products; key success factors; market trends and future forecasts. Some interviews may ask about advisors’ relevant experience in the past such as examples of: organizational reform, operational improvement, sales activities, or system implementation.

Case 1:Industrial
Example of Client’s “question”
  • What are criteria for purchasing print circuit boards by automotive parts manufacturers, and their decision making processes?
  • What is the cost structure of a PCB manufacturer?
  • What are methods to increase the PCB production efficiency?
Advisors selected
  • Procurement manager of an auto parts manufacturer
  • Sales of PCB manufacturer (also has experience of production)
Case 2:Healthcare
Example of Client’s “question”
  • What are your thoughts on the potential market growth and competitive landscape in the area of robotics surgery over the next 5 years?
Advisors selected
  • Development and sales professional of a robotic surgical device manufacturer
Case 3:Consumer Goods
Example of Client’s “question”
  • What are the key success factors for apparel brand with regards to: store selection, tenancy negotiations, and store preparation?
  • What are the key success factors in store operations for an apparel brand?
Advisors selected
  • An apparel brand professional with experience to store development, and store manager
Case 4:Travel
Example of Client’s “question”
  • Provide an overview of tourism industry and tourism service providers in Australia and New Zealand, including the competitive environment.
  • What are the needs of tourists visiting Japan and the characteristics of potential travelers?
Advisors selected
  • Executive of a travel agency in the Oceania region
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