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Ryo Okazaki
Ryo Okazaki
Ryo joined Booz Allen Hamilton (currently Strategy&], a US-based strategy consulting firm in 2006.
Over the past 13 years, Ryo has worked on a number of projects focusing on manufacturing, consumer goods and retail industries, on growth strategies, new business strategies, marketing and sales strategies, reorganization, innovation, DD / PMI at M&A, etc.
Ryo founded ShareFair in 2019

University of Tokyo - BA, Economics
Jumpei Kobayashi
Jumpei Kobayashi
Jumpei started his career at sell-side, spent 11 years in Nikkocitigroup and Goldman Sachs to work on systematic trading strategy development and equity derivative trading, followed by 5 years of Asian equity L/S strategy mandate in hedge-fund industry.
Then he joined ShareFair as a founder COO
Toshiaki Nakazawa
Toshiaki Nakazawa
Lead Technical Advisor
Toshiaki is a lecturer at the University of Tokyo after working as a research fellow and an assistant professor at Kyoto University, and a researcher at the Japan Science and Technology Agency.
Specializes in natural language processing, especially machine translation, and presented results at many international conferences.

M.S. in Information Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo, Japan
Ph.D. in Graduate School of Informatics at Kyoto University, Japan
Company Name ShareFair Inc.
CEO Ryo Okazaki
Address 3-3-9, Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo, JAPAN
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