Future vision of ShareFair

ShareFair Future
ShareFair connects beyond the conventional network

ShareFair aims to become a connection for the expert network with specialist knowledge to solve business questions. We hope to facilitate the use of knowledge in this network to make a better society – it’s beyond just helping businesses.

We dig deep to connect more experts through trust-based personal recommendation – it’s beyond existing internet-based search.

We believe that true value of knowledge should also be appreciated by rewarding our experts in the right way – it’s beyond the current market.

Sustainable movement through the circulation of knowledge

ShareFair invests a part of the value created from sharing knowledge to the education of children. We donate certain percentage of the revenue to the children’s educational charities. We focus on providing learning opportunities for children in challenging environments with limited access to education.

We believe that this creates a circulation of knowledge by redistributing the opportunity to acquire knowledge for the future generations who otherwise may not get the chance. It means those children - knowledge of the next generation - will join the connection of ShareFair and share the knowledge they learned in the years to come.

Our contribution may start small but we are determined to make this movement sustainable – not just one-off donation, because continuity matters to build knowledge for the future generations. We strongly believe that continuous investment in education can create a meaningful impact for our children to use the knowledge to make the world a better place.

Share "Fair"

“Fair” in our company name means ensuring everyone has the best possible chance to succeed.

ShareFair is committed to share not just knowledge but the belief of how to think and act fair for others.

Our partner
Doooooooo about
NPO Doooooooo

NPO Doooooooo (Shibuya-ku Tokyo, Representative Director: Yuto Doya) was established as an NPO in November 2010.
Their activities focus on employment, education and health in Africa.
Their work include: schooling support for children living in Kenya's slums; building schools in Africa; establishing garment factories and vocational training facilities to create jobs for people.
As of August 2019, they have supported schooling of 1,250 children, providing 1,000,000 school meals to date. They have also created 450 jobs mainly for women and people with disabilities. Their 10-year vision sets targets as: "schooling opportunity for additional 10,000 children with 10,000,000 school meals, and 10,000 new job opportunities for women and people with disabilities". They are rapidly expanding their organization and the coverage of activities to achieve these targets.
< Their English website will be released soon! >

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